Santa’s Naughty List


At this time of year, with the run up-to Christmas, keeping your over excited little ones under control can be quite a task!

Santa’s Naughty List is designed to help give you that little bit more persuasion in getting some order out of the chaos.

Santa’s Naughty List is designed to build anticipation, first to see if the little darlings are actually on the list and then to see if Santa will allow them off the list!

There is a One in Three chance Santa will not take them off the list!

Adding someone to the list:

    1. To add someone to the list tap the 'Plus Icon' on the search page.

    2. Enter the name for the person.

    3. Enter the reason why they were naughty.

    4. If this person was already added to the naughty list you can add the new reason to the existing naughty list entry.


    1. At the bottom of the search page tap the line/box and enter the name.

    2. Tap the Search Icon to begin.

    3. You will see a few messages and the application will speak what is written (because not all little ones can read yet, and its very effective).

    4. If the person is not on the list, a page will appear showing Santa and a message that you are on the nice list.

    5. If you are on the naughty list you will see a page showing a lump of coal with a name tag showing your name (yep that’s what you will be getting off Santa this year!!!).

    6. Tap reason and a page will open showing the reason/s why you are on the naughty list.


Removing Someone From The List:

Tap 'Remove' on the Reason page and you can ask Santa if the person can be removed from the naughty list...

There are three options.

    1. Yes, Nice List.

    2. No, Not Now.

    3. Yes, Ask Santa.

Tapping "Yes, Nice List" will take the person off the list.

Tapping "Yes, Ask Santa" will cause the software to randomly check if the person can come off the list with a 1 in 3 chance they will not!

Please Note:

Santa’s Naughty List does not actually access any Servers this is make believe, just for fun and no data (Naughty List Names or Bad Deeds) is transmitted from or to your device.
Any and all information is stored in an internal data file that is not share-able, sold or given to anyone.

Oh and No Ads either (I hate that on software designed to allow interaction with children)...

Download it now on Google Play

If you have any question, bug reports or anything you would like to see in a future version of the app please contact me at the email address at below.

I do have some plans for an improved version for next Christmas...


Your privacy is very important to us and Santa’s Naughty List keeps its own list of Names and Bad Deeds.
This list is NOT shared or given to anyone else, its completely private, this information is NOT given or sold to any third parties!

Android Permissions:

    Privacy -

    • modify or delete the contents of your SD card. read the contents of your SD card

You must accept the permissions to install the software!


  • Android Phone or Tablet running 4.xx or above


Credit where credit is due:

Developed and tested on:

Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Samsung S5, Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8”, Archos 7” Tablet with Phone and GPS, Alcatel One Touch (4015X), Motorola Moto G Smart Phone


Santa’s Naughty List Copyright © Steve McAnena 2014-2017


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