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Simple Site Plans is a 2D Vector Drawing application designed for those of us who are not CAD software users, and allows anyone to create professional looking site plans drawn to a scale that can be printed and / or e-mailed.

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Simple Site Plans even includes a Client, Site & Drawing Database Manager.

You can download Simple Site Plans Here

 Simple Site Plans was created for the following type of people:

  • Home Owners Who Like DIY For Small Or Large Building Projects.
  • Independent Property Developers
  • Plumbers
  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Security System Installers & Estimators
  • Sales Staff
  • Estate Agents For The Creation Of Property Layouts For Clients
  • Licence Premises For The Creation Of Premisses Layout Drawings
  • Hotels For The Creation Of In Room Fire Safety Instructions
  • Anyone In Any Service Industry That Needs To Create And Keep Site Plans & Drawings

Simple Site Plans is not just any old drawing program its a Client > Site > Drawings & Project Information Database that allows you to keep track of those drawings that you have created for your clients. In addition to keeping a drawings database you also have a Project Time Line Manager that allows you to keep track of the project events and the costs associated with those events.

For Example:
You Have a Client 'My Client'
Your Client has several sites one of witch is '123 Any Road, Any Town'
'123 Any Road, Any Town' has a number of drawings associated with it.

You can quickly select your client and then view, edit or create new drawings for the site From The Client Database.

For Example:

  • Basement Layout
  • Ground Floor
  • Kitchen Detail
  • First Floor
  • Bathroom Details

Using Single Click to insert pre-drawn objects like stair cases or doors, bathroom furniture or Kitchen units from the templates bar makes the creation of a site plan quick and easy. The sample drawing and project time line items took just 10 mins in total to set up and draw!(see the tutorials)

Drawings can also be e-mailed easily using MS Outlook 2000 or later, just select the client & Site from the e-mail option list and tick the drawings to attach, the software will compact your selection and attach the zipped file to your e-mail ready to send next time your on line.

Simple Site Plans can create output files in various formats both Windows And Enhanced Meta files, TIFF’s, BMP’s & PDF’s.

The application uses Meta files as they resize proportionately TIFF’s & BMP’s as they are easy to work with and will display on nearly all computers and as PDF’s Portable Document Format, the drawing is resized to A4 print and saved as a PDF, you will need a PDF format document reader to view this file format.

In addition to your site plans you can keep a Dates Time Line of all the events to occur in the Project Time Line Manager
For example you may have the following events to occur on your DIY home renovation project.

  • Rip out And Clear
  • Electrical First Fix
  • Plumbing First Fix
  • Plastering
  • Electrical Second Fix
  • Plumbing Second fix
  • Decorating

Simple site plans lets you keep the project in order and you can also keep notes about particular events and get printouts of your schedule.

You can assign costs to each project event, for example:

  • Estimated Cost: 400.00, Actual Cost: 485.00 for Rip out And Clear
  • Estimated Cost: 650.00, Actual Cost: 780.00 for Electrical First Fix
  • Estimated Cost: 790.00, Actual Cost: 950.00 for Plumbing First Fix
  • Estimated Cost: 550.00, Actual Cost: 490.00 for Plastering
  • Estimated Cost: 500.00, Actual Cost: 580.00 for Electrical Second Fix
  • Estimated Cost: 490.00, Actual Cost: 785.00 for Plumbing Second fix
  • Estimated Cost: 300.00, Actual Cost: 185.00 for Decorating

The costs can be printed out on an easy to view report. A report that can help you save money by allowing you see where your money is going and allows you to rethink you project estimations and actual spend costs.

Simple Site Plans is an essential tool for Anyone in a service industry or project development that needs to keep site plans and keep on top of the projects associated with the plans and clients requirements

On this site you can find Tutorials, FAQs, Request Support, Download the software Trial and Purchase the full version of the software.


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