Mcanena Software design and development services.

I specialize in windows and Android Software Development for business solutions,
Using Remote Database Technologies, back office Windows programs and Android smart phones and tablets for Mobile Data Collection

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Latest Projects:
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WMKA Location Tracker:

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The WMKA (Where's My Kids At) Location Tracker is a handy little Android Home-screen widget, designed to easily inform others of your whereabouts, either as an email notification or as an SMS text message for Panic Activations.
The application is a closed system, so only those email addresses and mobile phone numbers in your specific WMKA Location Tracker lists will receive notification of your whereabouts when YOU want them to know..

NOTICE: This app has now been retired from the Google Play Store!!!


With the run up-to Christmas, keeping your over excited little ones under control can be quite a task!

Santa’s Naughty List is designed to help give you that little bit more persuasion in getting some order out of the chaos....

Version 2 available now!

Santa’s Naughty List:.

Nuisance Noise Recorder:


Nuisance Noise Recorder is a simple app designed to automatically record noise over a set Decibel limit.

Nuisance Noise Recorder is a great app for both proving or even disproving nuisance

I.F.A.S. Interactive Fiction & Adventure Software (Creator and Reader)


IFAS (Interactive Fiction & Adventure Software) game book is a type of e-Book where you get to decide what happens next in the story.

Each page is written as events in a story and at the bottom of the page, you can see options to make selections...


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